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Indications of Mild Cognitive Impairment


Cognitive decline refers to the difficulty thinking, memory, concentration, and other brain functions due to aging. Cognitive decline, also known as cognitive impairment, can come on suddenly or gradually, and it can also be permanent or temporary. And this can be scary for the person experiencing the symptoms as well as their family and friends.

Having a mild cognitive impairment can greatly affect an individual’s independence. They may start to forget to do their daily living activities and other tasks and if it goes on this way for a long time, then this may lead them to require assistance from a home health care provider.

Letting them stay in an assisted living in Denison, Texas can also be a great option for seniors with declining cognitive function since they will be provided 24/7 hands-on care by the care staff and healthcare professionals within the residence.

What are the indications of mild cognitive impairment? Listed below are the following:

  • Feeling increasingly overwhelmed by making decisions or understanding instructions
  • Forgetting things more often and other appointments or social engagements
  • Losing train of thought or a thread of conversations, books, or movies
  • Experiencing difficulty finding the way around familiar environments

Here at Exbury Garden Assisted Living Community, a retirement community in Texoma, we provide an alternative care setting that is a great fit for these people.

As a trusted provider of elder care in Grayson County, Texas, we strive to meet the needs of each of our residents. From basic healthcare support to recreational activities, we host programs that ensure comfort, safety, and wellness for everyone enrolled in our facility.

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